Conquest Incentive Program


Each guild member that reaches their personal Conquest goal will be awarded 100,000 credits.

During weeks that we are invading a planet, an additional 200,000 credits will be awarded to each guild member that gains 100,000 Conquest points or greater.

Cut-off for points is Monday evening. Credits will be paid out via in-game mail.


To view current Conquest objectives and scores, press L (default hot-key) to view the Mission Log and select the Conquest tab.



Solvi, Ops CO

About Resonance
Resonance started on The Harbinger about June 2014 with three founders .  The Guild Leader, Mephisto (that has no character named Mephisto on this server by the way lol), the only current Officer, Krispy, and the person that is NOT and NEVER will be an Officer, Kadan-Beppin (Kadan is just a "suggestive" voice in the guild).  Naasia was also there, but disappeared a month later he says he will return... we'll see.  We came from the dying server Jung Ma.  The founders mostly PVP, but do like to do Ops.  Oh yea I forgot about Fey... i guess he was a founder too.

We are a casual PVP/PVE guild.  We welcome friendly players that interact with the guild, help other members, and help with Conquests. We have a flagship, stronghold, guild bank, and teamspeak.  Apply to the guild or message us in game.
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